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Conventional power meters are expensive, cumbersome and complicated. AROFLY is the size of a bottle cap and is easy to install. It is a smart power meter, weighing only 10 gram. AROFLY is the perfect partner and complements the biker’s need for scientific training.
AROFLY LINK will meet the requirements of different cyclists. AROFLY LINK is compatible with most of the bike computers available in the market. It is easy to use through simple installation, pairing, and basic setup.



Exclusive Dynamic Pressure Variation Sensing Technology

When compared to the current strain gauge system of power meters, AROFLY has developed a new generation of power meters based on an Exclusive Dynamic Pressure Variation Technology, making the power meter easy to use, lightweight, and more affordable.
By measuring torque and angular velocity, the strain gauge can calculate power. Such measuring devices, used by most cycling power meters in the market, such as Chain ring type, Crank type, Wheel Hub type, and Pedal type, etc. must be attached to the transmission system to detect the position of the force.

Globally Patented Algorithm
Precise Kinetic Energy Provides A Complete Biking Solution

AROFLY measures road conditions and tire pressure variations.

AROFLY uses an exclusive measuring technology to provide cycling information to the AROFLY series. Information such as road conditions and tire pressure variations are processed through the AROFLY algorithm. It collects data from the power sensor, cadence sensor and via algorithms to provide immediate riding data to the AROFLY series. We can review the complete riding stats on the “AROFLY 2” APP and AROFLY CLOUD.

This invention and algorithm technology is patented in Japan, China, Taiwan, Europe, USA and Canada.


Every biker has experienced a puncture. Low tire pressure can affect a cyclist’s power, safety and riding performance, while cycling.
AROFLY power meter includes the tire pressure monitoring system, to measure the rear tire pressure and displays a warning message to ensure a safe ride.

The European Union ruled that products like AROFLY power meters should have TWO YEARS of limited guarantee. AROFLY EUROPE grants you this two years guarantee.

Note : Operation of the AROFLY series
Please do not use the AROFLY power meter on tires containing a sealant.
When training indoors, use the complete roller type, which is, (one roller in front and two rollers at the back) or the rear roller type, which is, (a tripod in the front and a roller behind). It performs better on rollers without the resistance attached.

AROFLY power meter , MUST be installed ONLY on the REAR tire valve. Please attach the CADENCE sensor, ONLY on the LEFT crank.

Confirm the type of cycle tire valve. The AROFLY power meter can only be used on the rear tire valve, with a Schrader or Presta valve. For the Schrader valve, the AROFLY power meter can be installed directly, and for the Presta valve, please use the adapter included. Ensure that the pin on the Presta valve is open all the way up, then screw on the Presta valve adapter. Ensure you can see or touch the pin on the Presta valve adapter. Then only, screw the AROFLY power meter on the adapter. You will hear an air sound indicating that the AROFLY power meter pin and the Presta valve pin, have made contact. Continue to screw down quickly and tighten.

Check whether the tire pressure is at optimal level as per the tire manufacturer’s suggested range. (Such as, Road Bike 90~120 psi ; Mountain Bike 35~65psi)
Bike type/Wheel size/cyclist BODY WEIGHT must be SET correctly on the AROFLY series.
When riding outdoor, please TURN OFF the Indoor Mode.
For best performance on your device, please ensure to keep the firmware updated.
Please refer to Trouble Shooting Guide, for more information.