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Our Newest AROFLY Product : LINK

The AROFLY Link A1 is a unique product. The LINK A1 transmits data from the AROFLY Power meter (Included) and the AROFLY Cadence Meter (Included) with GPS Data  to your existing Bike Computer (Ant+ or Bluetooth device)

Above you see comparisons made with AROFLY A1 and Powertap and SRM. Conclude yourself


AROFLY,  with its Cloud is the best cost-performance valued system in cycling meters. AROFLY is with patented , state-of-the-art technology and equips precision sensors for Power value from pedaling force on bike tire pressure variation, your personal data, your bicycle type and tire size, processed with help of artificial intelligence and “translated” via a unique algorithm into divers training data among them your pedaling power. The data given are as accurate as from other power meters.

The innovative design of AROFLY won the reddot award 2017. Just install this world’s smallest power meter on bike rear tire valve, and connect to the Arofly Bike Computer and with additional A-PULSE heart rate sensor. It provides overall cycling data to user, such as speed, power, cadence, heart rate…and much more. It shows the data in real time in cycling, and the recorded data can be uploaded to its Cloud for analysis and review.

AROFLY integrates software and hardware and build up its system in complete. It is all-in- one (no additional sensors), it is quick installation (tool free), it is widely bike compatibility (ok for Presta and Schrader valve), it is portable and easy transferable to other bikes, it is user-friendly, and with very affordable price.


1. AROFLY sensor is installed on bike rear tire valve. Bluetooth wireless connectivity transmits data to the Elite Meter. It shows real time cycling data on the Elite meter and display.

2. Upload recorded riding data on AROFLY Cloud, provides your riding routes, riding data values and graphs for review and analysis.

3. The riding data can be further exported to STRAVA from AROFLY Cloud.


1. Displays overall and useful cycling data

2. Inbuilt altimeter sensor and GPS technology helps AROFLY with accurate and reliable data.

3. There are 5 modes and 16 data display for selection.

4. There are 34 tire sizes inbuilt and manual set for correct setting wheel size.

5. Rechargeable and battery saving design.
6. Quick sensors reconnection design.
7. Friendly reminders for low tire pressure, incorrectly installed AROFLY sensor, Roller mode still on while riding outdoor.
8. Waterproof design

A-PULSE Heart Rate Sensor wristband

1. Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless connectivity in dual mode

2. Comfortable wristband and easily put on and off

3. Rechargeable battery, 13 hours battery life on each charge.

4. IPX6 waterproof